We offer professional services for the body and mind

How can coastal synergy associates help?

We offer a variety of services for the mind and body. Your initial session will determine what service is best for you. We will customize services to meet your needs. We recognize everyone is different and will treat you and your family uniquely.

Live A Happy, Fulfilled, Balanced Life!

We Will Set Goals With You And Monitor For Progress.

Body, Mind and Spirit are all connected. Eat healthy, exercise and address your mental and spiritual health in order to be fully whole and satisfied. Our health shop offers a variety of all natural products selected for your and your family along with great variety of books and other products. Check it out!

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We offer all natural products for the mind and body. What you put on and in your body is important! We also offer sensory items and books for those struggling with anxiety, depression, ADHD and more....

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Our Staff of well trained professional counselors

Master's Level Counselors

Our counselors are licensed in the State of Texas and can treat clients throughout Texas. If you do not live in Corpus Christi we can treat you via telehealth. No matter who you choose, always make sure your counselor is licensed and follows laws and ethics.