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Teletherapy is the online delivery of therapy through a two-way video platform.  

Teletherapy for counseling:  It is similar to traditional therapy, except that you will not be in the office at therapy, but at your home or other private location.  It is always preferred to come into the office for therapy.  However, sometimes we understand that clients are limited due to distance and lack of availability of resources in their area.  Also, sometimes mental health issues can be disabling and prevent a client from attending therapy.

Teletherapy is great for busy schedules and people who live too far to travel.  As long as your are located in Texas, you are able to do Teletherapy!

How does it work?  If you choose to do teletherapy, you will receive a link prior to your session.  This link will take you directly to the meeting. We utilize Simple Practice telehealth. It can be accessed from a phone, computer or Ipad. If you are using a phone, please download Telehealth by Simple Practice prior to your session.

Our teletherapy is HIPAA compliant.

We can accept insurance for counseling teletherapy.   As always, please consult or verify with your insurance company prior to coming in. We also accept HSA cards.

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Monday - Friday: 9am to 5pm After hours appointments available
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We offer professional services for the body and mind

How can coastal synergy associates help?

We offer a variety of services for the mind and body. Your initial session will determine what service is best for you. We will customize services to meet your needs. We recognize everyone is different and will treat you and your family uniquely.

Our Staff of well trained professional counselors

Master's Level Counselors

Our counselors are licensed in the State of Texas and can treat clients throughout Texas. If you do not live in Corpus Christi we can treat you via telehealth. No matter who you choose, always make sure your counselor is licensed and follows laws and ethics.