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Counseling Services

Individual counseling is the most common type of counseling utilized. It is offered for all ages. It is also called psychotherapy or talk therapy. It allows for a personal connection with a therapist to receive support and experience growth during challenging times in life.

Family counseling is a form of psychotherapy that address issues between interaction of family members. This can include extended family members. Usually this is not related to one specific family member but to the family unit as a whole.

Couples Counseling helps addresses issues between couples in a variety of areas. Our goal is to explore strength and growth areas, increase communication, identify major stressors, resolve conflicts, and develop a more balanced relationship. We also need to understand personality differences and maximize teamwork.

We utilize a program called Prepare Enrich. This program includes an online assessment, taken by each couple to identify areas of growth. The program is around 8 sessions, however can increase with couples in high conflict or discord. This is great for pre-marital counseling and marital counseling.  It is also highly recommended for couples getting ready to have children or enter into foster care as way to work out issues and strengthen the relationship prior to kids entering the household.

What issues are addressed in counseling?

Individual counseling can help one deal with many personal topics in life such as depression, anger, anxiety, grief, trauma, relational problems, substance abuse, marital issues, parenting struggles, school or work issues or life changes.

Family counseling is focused on making system changes within the family unit and increasing communication between the family members. Also we can work on developing parenting skills.

Couples counseling focuses on identifying areas needing improvement to strengthen the relationship.

What is the goal of counseling?

The goal will be determined by you and your therapist. Often it is to gain insight into and minimize unwanted thoughts, feelings or behaviors.  It can be to improve relationships with friends, families, children or a spouse. Goals must be realistic. Often the therapist will require you to do a lot of work and practice outside of the session in order to be successful in changes. There is no guarantee in Counseling!

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Counseling Services

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We offer professional services for the body and mind

How can coastal synergy associates help?

We offer a variety of services for the mind and body. Your initial session will determine what service is best for you. We will customize services to meet your needs. We recognize everyone is different and will treat you and your family uniquely.

Our Staff of well trained professional counselors

Master's Level Counselors

Our counselors are licensed in the State of Texas and can treat clients throughout Texas. If you do not live in Corpus Christi we can treat you via telehealth. No matter who you choose, always make sure your counselor is licensed and follows laws and ethics.